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Jessie is a multimedia science writer and actor with a Masters of Science from the Graduate Program in Science Writing at MIT. She started the SoCal Science Writer's podcast & previously produced multiple video series plus an eBook for NOAA. Jessie also created the YouTube channel Everyday Science, with over 5K subscribers and almost half a million views over playlists on the periodic table, parody science songs and more. She has written for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT, the SciEnt Exchange & Skybound Entertainment. Jessie graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from the Natural Sciences department at Hampshire College after completing a thesis project on harmful algal blooms. Originally from Philadelphia, Jessie spent several years in Seattle as a laboratory manager in a biotech company before moving to Los Angeles to work as a creative producer and actor. Jessie recently interned at NOVA|PBS, the Sundance Institute & completed research assistantships at Undark Magazine as a fact checker and MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative, helping script their TILClimate podcast. She currently works as a Senior Creative Producer with the J. Paul Getty Trust. 

Science Writing Clips


Eos - Antarctic Ice Cores Might Be Older Than Dirt


Battle of the Sexes: Honeybee Edition


Quaking the Ocean by Storm - MIT Scope

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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles


Science & Entertainment Exchange

Produced, Filmed, Edited - multiple outlets

Short Documentary Style Video 

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VAST ft Alan Lightman


The Forge



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March to Turkish Consulate

Written, Hosted, Edited & Produced for Everyday Science

Science Videos - Young/General Audience




Hosted List Video Ex.

Written and Hosted for Skybound Entertainment

Science Videos - Geek Culture

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Zombie Apocalypse Jessie Hendricks.jpg


SCIENCED Podcast SoCal Science Writing J

Educational Outreach (Multimedia)

Tabs on HABs Jessie Hendricks.jpeg

MIT Knight Science Journalism coverage


Undark - Sample weekly

news abstracts


The Numismatist

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NOAA Water Sampling

Science Parody - Megalodon - Jessie Hend

Science Musical Parodies

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YouTube Channel

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